Rules For WWE Talents In Saudi Arabia Revealed

How WWE talents are expected to behave in Saudi Arabia revealed

WWE recently returned to Saudi Arabia for King and Queen of the Ring, the latest premium live event as part of a controversial multi-year deal with the Gulf state.

Former WWE star Matt Hardy was asked on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast what was expected of WWE talents during such trips to Saudi Arabia, with Hardy revealing the following:

“Uh, one of the big things especially for the wrestlers, no alcohol was allowed there. They said don’t try to bring alcohol, don’t try to bring drugs, that’s like a very very big deal and a very serious crime if you do that. That’s the first thing that really stands out I think. That was the main thing and everything else was kind of, ‘be decent’. I think they said don’t venture out on your own or go with someone’s away, kind of stick around or near the hotel. I think we almost had to because we were only there for like, you know, a day before and then it was the show,” revealed Hardy.

WWE have ran multiple shows per year in Saudi Arabia since 2018, with the Saudi Arabia General Entertainment Authority recently revealing that they want to host either WrestleMania or the Royal Rumble in the future, likely in 2026 or 2027. 

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