WWE King and Queen of the Ring Results

WWE King and Queen of the Ring results below!

WWE headed to Saudi Arabia once again and the company presented King and Queen of the Ring from Jeddah on Saturday, May 25. As the pay-per-view name suggested, the show featured the King of the Ring final between Gunther and Randy Orton, and the Queen of the Ring final as Lyra Valkyria went one-on-one with Nia Jax. The Undisputed WWE Championship was on the line as Cody Rhodes faced United States Champion Logan Paul.


Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill (c) def. Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell - WWE Women's Tag Team Championships - Pre-Show

The WWE Women's Tag Team Championships were on the line in a rare pre-show match from WWE and the champions soon took control as Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair dominated Indi Hartwell in the early going with some double team moves. Belair, who was dealing with a bum knee, was soon flattened by Candice LeRae with a chop block which provided the challengers with minutes of working over the former WWE Women's Champion. 

Belair managed to make the hot tag to Cargill but it didn't even matter as the challengers continued to dominate, scoring a close near fall following a Moonsault from Candice LeRae. Cargill managed to fight back, sending Hartwell into the ring posts. Moments later and the champions won the match with a Wheelbarrow DDT into a Slingshot German Suplex (AKA the Cyclone Suplex) before Belair pinned LeRae. 

Liv Morgan def. Becky Lynch (c) - Women's World Championship 

A tuxedo-wearing Becky Lynch defended the Women's World Championship against Liv Morgan in the opening contest of King and Queen of the Ring as Morgan continued her 'Liv Morgan revenge tour'. Dominik Mysterio promised to stop Morgan from winning Rhea Ripley's Women's World Title so would Dirty Dom come into play in the closing stages? 

After some back-and-forth action in the opening moments, Liv Morgan gained the upper hand by pulling the champion's leg and sending Lynch crashing from the top rope to the mat. Morgan proceeded to slowly work over the champion for several minutes until Lynch managed to fight back, with both women being knocked out following a double Clothesline. 

When the two talents were back on their feet, Lynch fired back with a Bexploder before a Baseball Slide to the outside and a Clothesline from the apron to the floor. Missile Dropkick soon after scored a near fall for the champion. Liv Morgan fired back with a Codebreaker but Lynch managed to get her shoulder up at two. 

Morgan tried to follow up with Oblivion but Lynch blocked it and followed up with an elbow to the ribs for a near fall. A Manhandle Slam was blocked by Liv and an Enziguiri landed from Morgan, but only for a near fall. Morgan reversed an Armbar into the Rings of Saturn but Lynch countered into the Disarm-Her. Just as Lynch had the match won, Dominik Mysterio appeared at ringside and the momentary distraction allowed Liv to reach the bottom rope. 

Lynch whiffed on a Manhandle Slam and Liv countered with a second Codebreaker, only for Lynch to kick out at two again. Lynch fought back with a Superplex and the referee checked on Liv, with Dom passing Becky a steel chair. With Mysterio distracting the official, Morgan rose to her feet and levelled Becky Lynch with a DDT on the steel chair. One Oblivion later and Liv Morgan was the new Women's World Champion. 

Sami Zayn (c) def. Chad Gable & Bronson Reed - Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Championship

Chad Gable banished Maxxine Dupri to the back for his Intercontinental Title match but he did bring Otis to ringside, telling him to remember the plan when its time. Of course, the Triple Threat was no DQ so Otis could have interfered immediately but he didn't for some reason. 

While Bronson Reed headed to the ring a new QR code popped up that took fans to a dial-up connection before a man was shown playing WWE 2K24 when they spotted someone watching them from outside. Before the figure could be revealed, though, the connection was lost.

Sami Zayn entered to a hero's reaction and he enjoyed working over Gable in the early going before the Intercontinental Champion was promptly flattened by a Lariat from Bronson Reed. Reed then took out both Zayn and Gable, with Sami landing on Gable's knee following a Uranage to Zayn onto the former Shorty G.  

First big moment of the match landed with a Tope Con Giro from Sami Zayn as he took out both Bronson Reed and Chad Gable. Zayn followed up with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb to Bronson but Reed managed to kick out. A Tower of Doom followed soon after with Bronson Powerbombing Gable while he had Sami ready for a Superplex. Bronson tried to follow up with a Moonsault but he crashed and burned straight into a Moonsault from Gable, who picked up a near fall. 

Tornado DDT from Zayn to Reed followed before Gable broke up the pin and applied the Ankle Lock to the IC Champion. Gable cinched it in and applied the submission to Big Bronson. Sami applied an Ankle Lock of his own to Gable before Zayn hit a huge Blue Thunder Bomb on Bronson for a close near fall. 

With Zayn hobbling after the Ankle Lock, the Intercontinental Champion was crushed by Bronson in the corner before Reed hit a double Samoan Drop to both of his opponents. Big Man Suicide Dive followed and Reed looked to follow up with Tsunami to Zayn but Sami rolled out of the way. Zayn then went for the Helluva Kick but Gable appeared from out of nowhere and hit a trio of German Suplexes. Zayn hit two German Suplexes of his own to Gable before there was a tree of German Suplexes with Gable suplexing Bronson as Reed suplexed Zayn. 

"This is awesome!" chants filled the Jeddah Superdome as Otis finally did something, levelling Bronson Reed with a Lariat on the outside before Gable ordered him to Clothesline Sami. Sami was held up by Gable but Otis just couldn't bring himself to lay out the Intercontinental Champion. Gable pushed his former tag team partner and then slapped him, telling Otis to wake up. Gable went back to holding Sami and Otis went for the move, only for Zayn to duck. Otis proceeded to almost take off Gable's head as Zayn rolled back into the ring and took out Bronson Reed with a Helluva Kick.

One pinfall later and Zayn remained the WWE Intercontinental Champion. 

Nia Jax def. Lyra Valkyria - Queen of the Ring Final 

The opening moments of the match saw Lyra Valkyria try and fail miserably to hit any offence against the much bigger Nia Jax. Valkyria even resorted to just clinging on for dear life by grabbing Jax's foot but Nia instead decided to hoof the former NXT Women's Champion before she slowly worked over Valkyria. Lyra tried to fight back for several minutes, being chopped down by Jax on each occasion. 

Jax went for her Annihilator finisher but her bottom smashed straight into the apron as Valkyria followed up with a Dropkick before she hit a Bulldog on the floor. Valkyria continued to use her speed to her advantage, landing a Tornado DDT as the action moved back into the squared circle but she failed to capitalise as Jax hit another Samoan Drop.

Another Annihilator attempt followed but Jax whiffed on it again and Valkyria followed up with a Double Stomp before a Leg Drop from the top rope for a two count. Valkyria tried and failed to hit her Nightwing finisher and Jax looked to connect with an avalanche Samoan Drop but Lyra escaped and went for a Powerbomb.

Nia Jax simply stopped, though, and proceeded to kill Lyra Valkyria with an Annihilator while the former NXT Women's Champion was still stood on her feet. A pinfall later and Nia Jax was crowned WWE Queen of the Ring. 

Following the match, Becky Lynch was shown berating Dominik Mysterio backstage. When Byron Saxton caught up with her, Lynch announced she would face Liv Morgan for the Women's World Championship in a rematch on Monday Night Raw. 

Gunther def. Randy Orton - King of the Ring Final 

Big fight feel for this one but it certainly didn't start like a big match as both men cancelled each other out while moving very slowly in the opening minutes. There was even a minutes-long headlock from Randy Orton to demonstrate how slow the action was in the opening moments. 

Eventually the match picked up as Orton went for an RKO out of nowhere but Gunther saw it coming and proceeded to work over the Viper's surgically-repaired back. Orton then found himself looking up at the ceiling following one singular Chop from Gunther. Gunther then went back to slow offence, working over Orton's back and knee. LITTLE WASTED MOTION. 

Speaking of little wasted motion, the two competitors had the fans going wild over a Suplex from Orton. Randy put together a brief flurry but his injured knee slowed him down and Gunter regained control with a brutal Lariat. Orton then flattened Gunther with his patented Powerslam and Draping DDT before he set up for the RKO. The voices spoke at the wrong time, though, as Gunther blocked it and followed up with a Splash. 

Orton managed to kick out and the Viper avoided a second splash before he connected with an RKO out of nowhere. Orton's injuries prevented him from immediately making the cover and Gunther rolled to the outside. Orton repeatedly dumped Gunther on top of the announce table with Side Slams for his transgression. Orton broke up the count on the outside which only allowed Gunther to recover and go straight back to working over Randy's bad back. 

Orton then decided to make his back worse by hitting a Back Body Drop before he went back to more Side Slams on the announce table. Gunther fired back with a Shotgun Dropkick to Orton's bad knee before he followed up by methodically working over the knee with a Half Crab. Gunther was not as good as Michael Oku with the move, however, and he was unable to make Orton tap out. 

When Orton escaped he connected with an RKO. Gunther managed to kick out, though, which left Orton grabbing his knee. One Crucifix Pin later and Gunther was the King of the Ring, although in a botch Orton's shoulder was actually off the mat. 

Cody Rhodes (c) def. Logan Paul - Undisputed WWE Championship 

The fans in Jeddah were hyped for the main event and both men enjoyed time on top in the opening minutes as they felt each other out, only for Logan Paul to eventually take control. Cody managed to fight back into the match with a Disaster Kick that sent Logan tumbling to the outside. Rhodes looked to follow up but Logan walked away and drank some delicious PRIME. 

One of the PRIME goons pushed Rhodes, which somehow didn't draw a DQ. Cody attacked them in revenge and as the referee guided one of the goons away, another one handed the brass knuckles to Logan, who proceeded to punch Logan straight in the stomach. Paul failed to capitalise, though, instead getting into a shouting match with Michael Cole as Corey Graves held Paul back which allowed Cody to recover and connect with a Suicide Dive. 

A callback to Rocky III followed in the ring as an angry Logan failed to connect with hook attempts as Cody ducked and hit his father's jab combinations before a Bionic Elbow. A Figure Four Leglock followed as Logan screamed in pain. After Paul made the bottom rope he missed on a Buckshot Lariat and Rhodes followed up with a Cody Cutter for a near fall. 

Rhodes went for a Vertebreaker but Paul reversed into a Cross Rhodes for a near fall! Cody managed to fire back with Goldust's finisher but Paul blocked a Cross Rhodes attempt and targeted the champion's injured ribs. The two men ended up on the announce table and Rhodes delivered a Cody Cutter to Logan on the table, failing to break it. 

Cody had the match won by count-out but Rhodes stopped the referee from counting to 10, saying he doesn't want to win that way. This allowed Paul to fight back into it as he pushed Cody into the steel steps and followed up with his Haymaker finisher. With Cody on the announce table, Logan Paul put Rhodes through the Arabic table with a Frog Splash. Paul went for another Frog Splash back in the ring and hit it. That looked to be it but Cody managed to kick out at 2.9! 

After telling Cody he hated him, Logan punched Rhodes some more but Cody managed to block a Splash in the corner and fight back. A Stinger Splash from Logan in the corner laid out the referee and Rhodes followed up with a Vertebreaker but the official was down and out, with no chance of making the cover. 

Paul took advantage, ruining Cody with a Low Blow, before Paul found the brass knuckles again. Paul was about to win the match but the guest ring announcer from Saudi Arabia grabbed Logan's leg. The distraction allowed Cody to block the Haymaker and Rhodes followed up with three Cross Rhodes. The referee then recovered and counted the 1-2-3 as Cody Rhodes recorded his second successful Undisputed WWE Title defence. 

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