Rusev Claims "Super Ultra Fans In Their Basement" Are Ones Rejecting Angle With He And Lana

Defends the storyline...

The saga between Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley has received, to say the least, mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. Live crowd response to Lana's promo at the recent Raw taping in Manchester, for example, was said to have been highly negative, and not necessarily in the desired way.

Rusev has publicly defended the angle through a handful of outlets, and did so again in a recent interview with Digital Spy.

"The Bulgarian Lion" said he's happy with the angle, adding, "It's the hottest storyline in the whole WWE, it's been the hottest storyline for years. So of course, I'm happy with it."

Rusev also defended he and Lana's participation in the angle, saying, "Not many people are willing to do something like this, but we're professionals so, of course, we're used to it. [Being professional] is what any other actor does, you know, when you're going to step on stage or whatever. This is no different than that."

The former multi-time United States champion says that fans who have met him in recent times have praised the angle, and he dismisses those who dislike the story.

"It's just those super ultra fans in their basement that are trying to reject it, which it is what it is, you know, if you don't like it, you don't have to watch it."

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