Report: WWE Attempted To Help ACH Before Issues Went Public

An update on the situation...

On Wednesday, ACH (NXT's Jordan Myles) posted a video to his since-deleted Twitter account, in which he condemned WWE for alleged racism, and announced he was quitting the company.

This was the latest in a saga made public by ACH, after an issue he took with a t-shirt design the company released for him, which was quickly pulled due to an insensitive design. Though WWE quickly pulled the shirt from its stores, ACH later brought the issue up publicly on October 27, as the crux of a troubling series of tweets.

Dave Meltzer wrote in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE had intervened with ACH some time before the t-shirt issue became widely known, writing, "WWE has very much tried to help him weeks before he went public with his issues and at the time he disappeared from Orlando."

It's not clear what the attempts at help entailed.

ACH has since reverted to his old Twitter account.

Though he announced he has quit WWE, there is no indication that the company has released ACH from his contract.

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