Sabu Reveals He Almost Died In 2004

A mysterious illness put the ECW legend in a grim predicament

While discussing the events that led to him temporarily leaving TNA in late 2004, wrestling legend Sabu revealed that he almost died to health issues stemming from steroids he had purchased in Puerto Rico.

Speaking with WSI's James Romero, Sabu explained the events that led to his precarious situation. 

"I was in Puerto Rico and I bought some steroids. Took them home, gave myself a couple of shots and it was contaminated and I didn't know it. It wasn't because of the steroids that made me sick, it was because the bottle was contaminated with bacteria. So it made me sick, brought me close to death"

The illness kept Sabu out of action between late August of 2004 and late May of '05. In that time, several benefit shows were organised with the proceeds used to help him pay for medical expenses. 

Pressed on what exactly the illness was, Sabu said: 

"They said it was unknown bacteria. I haven't talked to the doctors lately, but ten years ago it was unidentified. They tested the steroid bottle I had and they said there's an unknown bacteria in there and that they're going to figure it out, but that they don't know what it is yet". 

The former ECW Champion then described what sounded more like a parasite than a simple bacteria, noting that eggs would hatch in cycles in various parts of his body. 

All told, it took him six months to get over the illness and another six months before he felt like he was in proper shape. 

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