Sami Zayn Crashes Jackass Forever Premiere To Continue Johnny Knoxville WWE Feud

Are WWE set to continue working with the Jackass star?

Sami Zayn crashed the world premiere of Jackass Forever and confronted Johnny Knoxville on Tuesday, continuing their rivalry. 

Knoxville had repeatedly humiliated Zayn on WWE television in the weeks leading up to Saturday's Royal Rumble match. However, Zayn managed to eliminate the Jackass star from the Rumble (before being eliminated by AJ Styles seconds later). 

On the red carpet, Zayn gloated about his Rumble triumph before Knoxville had him thrown off the premises and shocked him with a cattle prod. 

WWE uploaded footage of the incident to their social media channels. 

The Master Strategist had been tweeting about his trip to Los Angeles and plans to attend the invitation-only premiere throughout the day. 

The Royal Rumble was reportedly supposed to be the last WWE appearance for Knoxville and the Jackass crew. However, reports indicate that both sides enjoyed the experience of working with one another and that the door was open for them to do so again in the future. 

Speaking on ESPN SportsNation, Knoxville teased a possible return by saying "They haven't heard the last of me. I will be World Champion"

If it's good enough for David Arquette...

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