Sami Zayn Discusses Breaking The Bloodline On WWE TV

Is Sami Zayn trying to get The Bloodline to crack on purpose?

Sami Zayn launched a meme on last week's episode of SmackDown when he claimed that Jey Uso hadn't been feeling 'very Ucey' lately. 

The comment noticeably made Jey, Jimmy Uso and Roman Reigns laugh, which was likely by design. It wasn't the first time Zayn's words or actions have raised a smile among the group. 

Speaking with BT Sport, the Honorary Uce admitted that he may occasionally try to get The Bloodline to corpse on camera:

"People have made a big deal out of that, about the fact that they're seeing little chinks in the armor, but to be honest, the reason it's standing out so much is that it reminds the fans that the performers are really having fun doing this. It's something that they sometimes forget. We're enjoying doing this too. There is a real-life chemistry between myself and that whole family. We have always gotten along splendidly and it's nice to see that the fans are appreciating getting a window into that a little bit.

"I'll admit, once or twice, I'm going out of my way to try and get them to crack. Generally, that's something you have to tread cautiously because if you overdo that, it becomes…you're just not being professional. Little bits are good, but like anything else, it can be redundant if it's overdone or if you're not taking it seriously enough. We are still trying to tell a story".

According to Zayn, the moments where The Bloodline let their guard down only work because of the nature of his character:

"In a weird way, it kind of works for the story because it's a different character bringing this lightness to an otherwise serious group. The reason it works is because it is art imitating life and fitting into the story we're trying to tell. Otherwise, it would just be completely out of place, if that makes sense.

"If it was Roman and the Usos talking, and they were cracking up laughing, it wouldn't make any sense because that's not supposed to happen. I'm supposed to be bringing this lightness to it, so it makes some sense".

It was recently reported that plans for Kevin Owens were put 'on pause', due to the popularity of the Zayn/Bloodline association (which was originaly only supposed to last for a few weeks). 

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