Sammy Guevara Reveals He Pitched To Be Thrown Out Of A Helicopter For AEW Stadium Stampede II

Sammy Guevara had wild plans for AEW Stadium Stampede II

Stadium Stampede II was one of the wildest matches in All Elite Wrestling history, with the arena-wide war between The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle closing out Double or Nothing 2021 in dramatic fashion.

However, if Sammy Guevara got his way then the match would have been even wilder, as the ‘Spanish God’ revealed to Muscle Man Malcolm he wanted to be thrown out of a helicopter:

“It’s something me and Darby [Allin] have in common. It’s like, people say, ‘You shouldn’t do this for the people.’ It’s like, ‘The f***? I’m doing this for me.’ Him and I, we’re two crazy dudes, especially if you’re gonna give us the world that we have in AEW, where we have so much freedom and creativity. It’s like you can kind of think of the craziest thing, and they’ll bring you back to reality, like ‘Alright, that’s not possible.’ Stadium Stampede, the first one, I wanted to get thrown off the top of the stadium. But that stadium, [it’s] 200 feet in the air, something like that. I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s how I wanna lose. I wanna get thrown off of it.’ They’re like, ‘You’ll literally die.’ So I couldn’t do that. I also wanted to get thrown out of a helicopter in Stadium Stampede 2, but they wouldn’t allow that with insurances and stuff.

“They’re letting Tom Cruise do all this crazy stuff, do his own stunts. So why not me? He’s 60, so there’s no reason I can’t. But I will say, I have a beautiful wife that will definitely keep me in line to not do too much crazy stuff now. Not that she won’t let me do some crazy stuff, but she’s like, ‘Hey, we want to have a family one day. Do you want to be in a wheelchair when we have a family? Or would you like to walk around?’ I’m like, yeah, I’d like to walk around,” revealed Guevara.

Guevara did get thrown from the top of the Blood and Guts II structure in 2022, but his dreams of plummeting from a helicopter will seemingly have to wait.

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