Sanga Comments On WWE's Approach To Indian Talent

Sanga believes WWE should have provided more opportunities to Indian wrestlers

Sanga was one of the several wrestlers released from WWE over this weekend, bringing his six-year spell with the promotion to an end. He signed with WWE back in 2018, though it took until 2020 for him to find a spot on NXT programming under the Indus Sher act. They joined forces with Jinder Mahal, though his release came before he’d been involved in any sort of big story or major angle. 

Following his release, Sanga took to X to comment on his time in WWE, thanking the promotion, but also providing some criticism in their approach to Indian talent in their attempts to enter the Indian market. 

"There is a little pain in my heart. When it comes to viewership, you want viewership from our country India. Viewership on Facebook is needed from India. Viewership on YouTube is needed from India. Viewership on TV is needed from India, but when it comes to talent of India, they are not taking you forward. Whatever you are thinking, it is okay, creatives have their own way of working, but you should understand that we are saddened by the fact that our 1.4 billion people, like you, people like us, they want that their country India should have athletes who work at the international level, but you are not ready to give opportunities."

Sanga did remain positive and respectful in his comments, though noted that he believed not enough opportunity was provided. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly