Saraya Confirms Triple H Was Open To Her Coming Out Of Retirement In WWE

Saraya has positive things to say about WWE head of creative Triple H.

AEW star Saraya has spoken positively about Triple H, explaining that he offered her the opportunity to come out of retirement after he became WWE Chief Content Officer. 

Speaking to Metro, she said:

"Man, I do love Hunter, he’s so fantastic.  He was like, 'Wait what happaned?!' I was like, 'I dunno, they haven’t renewed my contract'. He was like, 'Oh my gosh! Well I didn’t know that, so I’m sorry!' He was really fantastic. He did give me the opportunity to potentially be a GM again, and [...] 'If you ever potentially want to wrestle again, I'll give you that opportunity too.' He was very open about any ideas that I had."

Saraya, then known as Paige, has since returned to the ring with AEW, defeating Britt Baker at Full Gear 2022 in her first match in almost five years. Speaking about her decision to join Tony Khan's company, Saraya explained:

"I [didn't] know if I would end up sitting on my arse for another five years, and that terrified me. And then not being able to do other projects terrified me. I can’t sit on my butt again and do nothing!"

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