Sareee Announces She Has Signed With WWE, Is Moving To The US Next Month

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During Saturday's World Woman Pro Wrestling Diana event in Tokyo, Sareee announced that she had signed with WWE, and will be moving to the United States next month to begin her tenure with the company.

Following her 20-minute draw with Yoshiko, Sareee told the crowd (via translation): "“The contract with WWE has been completed, but I’ve told many people that I really wrestle Japanese women’s wrestling and that Japanese women’s wrestling is the best. I’ll prove it. I’ll do my best so please support me! I will travel to the United States after March. Asuka and Kairi Sane play an active part in WWE, and their popularity with Japanese female wrestlers is increasing.”

The 23-year-old is a two time World Woman Pro Wrestling Diana World champion, and has also held the Sendai Girls World title.

It was reported last summer that WWE COO Triple H had taken a meeting with Sareee, while WWE was on tour with Japan. At the time of the meeting, Sareee held both World titles at once.

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