Kevin Nash Thinks He Might Have Ended The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak Had He Stayed With WWE

23-3 record for The Deadman...

Over WrestleMania 36 weekend, Kevin Nash will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame for the second time as part of The nWo, along with Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, and Sean Waltman. While the famous faction didn't form until after Bash At The Beach 1996, Nash and Hall planted the seeds for the group when they jumped ship to WCW as The Outsiders earlier in the year.

During a recent appearance on the After The Bell podcast, host Corey Graves asked Nash what his career would have been like had he stayed with WWE. Big Daddy Cool said he wouldn't have dropped the WWE Championship to Bret Hart at Survivor Series 1995 without a guarantee that he would beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania 12. This would have ultimately ended The Streak before it got a chance to build momentum and could have potentially robbed fans of many great matches.

Nash said: "If I would've stayed, I wouldn't have dropped the belt to Bret to give to Shawn unless I was guaranteed a win at Mania against Taker. I wouldn't have done it, no, I would have had too many losses in a row. I would have needed a big win right there. So, there goes the streak.

"I'm just saying butterfly effect. Mark (The Undertaker) wasn't a mark. He'd have done it. I mean for me to do business, that could have been a possibility. I'm not saying it would have happened. I'm not saying Vince would have booked it. That I would have went over. But I definitely wouldn't have coughed it up without something."

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