Sasha Banks Outlines WWE WrestleMania 36 Plans, Where She Would Like To Be On The Card

Legit Boss wants to be out of Tampa early...

Sasha Banks hasn't wrestled a televised WWE match since being a part of a three-way women's tag team match won by Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke on the January 3 episode of SmackDown.

Since then, The Legit Boss has been absent from our screens through a combination of injury and recording a rap album.

The former Women's Tag Team Champion appeared on a recent episode of the After The Bell podcast and outlined her plans for WrestleMania 36. And even though many fans are expecting to see Sasha challenge Bayley on the Grandest Stage of them All, Sasha herself is merely planning to be by the current SmackDown Women's Champion's side: “My sights are to wear the most bomb outfit right next to my best friend’s side as she defends her title against some loser,” she told Corey Graves.

As for when Bayley's match should be on the card, Banks believes 'Mania is so long she'd rather be on the pre-show: ”You know WrestleMania is so long. If anything, I would hope that we were on the pre-show just so I can get it done and over with. I’ll probably still be making the same amount of money...That’s what it’s all about. I want to make the most money, I want to be on the pre-show so I can get out of there. It’s a long long day, we’re probably there from 8 AM till 2 AM in the morning. So I just got to go. I got to get my beauty sleep.”

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