Vince McMahon Says AEW Hasn't Affected WWE's Programming

The Chairman speaks...

After All Elite Wrestling announced they would be starting their own weekly episodic professional wrestling show, Dynamite, WWE struck a deal with USA to broadcast NXT against it. Since then, the Wednesday Night Wars have quickly become a staple within the wrestling world, in which AEW has often emerged victorious.

During the company's Q4 2019 earnings call, WWE's CEO Vince McMahon was asked if AEW had forced them to change their content and whether or not WWE planned to introduce more adult-orientated programming in the future. Vince then gave a swift rebuttal and said WWE would be sticking to its PG content for the foreseeable future. He then added that NXT was currently "doing extremely well" against Dynamite and was confident that the black and gold brand would continue to grow in the future.

McMahon said: "AEW has not changed our content at all. It's all about characters, storylines and resolutions. So it really hasn't changed our point of view in terms of what we present. We don't need more edgy, as you call it, content. PG. One of the few programs out there that really is PG.

"As far as NXT, we're competing. NXT is competing on Wednesday night with AEW and doing extremely well and we’re confident that NXT will continue on with its success."

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