Sasha Banks: WWE NXT TakeOver Match With Bayley Is The Greatest Women's Match Ever

The NXT Women’s Title is rightly regarded as a classic

NXT: TakeOver Brooklyn in 2015 was a truly historic night. The first TakeOver event held outside of Full Sail, the show was a hit with fans and critics alike, with the NXT Women’s Title match between Sasha Banks and Bayley receiving particular praise.

Banks herself has spoken highly about the bout, saying to the Just Women’s Sports podcast:

“That’s my number one match that I get asked about. It’s the most talked about match in the history of women’s wrestling. I’m so thankful for that match because that really changed the game of everything in the business, I really feel, for women. I remember that match so clearly because I, I don’t know if it was two months after I’d been called up to the main roster?  So I had finally made it to Monday Night RAW, my dream since I was a ten year old kid. And I’m the NXT Women’s Champion.

“So here we are, NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, the first time ever out of Florida. The first time that NXT is in front of a large scale audience, just like the WWE. We sold out the Barclays Center, just like Monday Night (RAW) did, just like Smackdown did. So we were so equal to the WWE brand, just this little, little organisation, just this little talent. Because of Sasha Banks, because of Bayley, because of Sami Zayn, because of Finn Balor. 

“So I just remember wanting to just leave a lasting impression of wanting my name and legacy to be, and in NXT before I got called up fully and dropped the title. And I just really wanted to show them that, first of all, we should’ve been the main event. And second of all, I want to make sure you guys remember this match for the rest of your lives. Because I wanted that match to be the greatest women’s match of all time. And it happened to be the greatest women’s match of all time.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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