Satnam Singh Reveals Why He Chose AEW Over WWE

Satnam Singh made his AEW debut last week

AEW recently unleashed Satnam Singh on the pro-wrestling world, to decidedly mixed reactions. However, the marketability of the Indian former NBA draftee cannot be undervalued, especially with regards to AEW’s growth in the Indian market.

Now Singh has spoken of his decision to go into pro-wrestling and AEW, revealing to Ruby Arora that he even received try-outs with WWE: 

“The only regret I have is if I could’ve understood that I could’ve been a wrestler before, I think I would have been a better wrestler in the world," said Singh. "When the opportunity came up about four-to-five years ago if I would’ve said yes, I would be a big, huge, giant wrestler.

“I had given trials for WWE as well, and I liked it very much as well,” continued Singh. “I liked AEW as well. AEW is like brand new, it’s only been a couple of years, and it’s really fire. I thought that if I go to AEW, I would be the first again - the first wrestler from India. I will make [more] history for India in AEW. If I go to WWE, that would be amazing, but amazing why? Because they already have Indian people over there. They have the Indian wrestler. Why don’t I go start there, where they have no Indian guys, and create history again after reaching there. Not for me, for the Indian wrestlers, for everyone.”

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