Scott Hall Episode Of Dark Side Of The Ring In The Works

Scott Hall could be the subject of a Dark Side of the Ring episode

One year on from Scott Hall's passing, Kevin Nash has revealed Dark Side of the Ring are working on an episode about The Bad Guy. 

Speaking on his Kliq This podcast, Nash revealed the TV series want him, Sean Waltman, and Cody Hall to be involved with the episode. 

"Dark Side of the Ring, so, they want to do something and they want to involve me and they want to involve Sean Waltman, Cody [Hall], Cody's going to be involved and you and I had this conversation yesterday, you know the thing that we want to do is - we just did the misconceptions of Kevin Nash as an episode - just tell people who Scott really f***ing was and I just don't think that the A&E perspective is ever going to cover the post-traumatic stress of Scott and the shooting that happened at The Dollhouse on Orange Avenue. There's a reason why so many of our warriors come back from combat and they take their lives because they've taken a life," Nash said.

"Scott's thing was always - because he was so highly religious - Scott would say, 'But you don't understand, I'm not going to go to heaven. I've broken one of the Ten Commandments, thou shalt not kill. I've killed, I'm not going to heaven, my soul will be in limbo.'"

Hall fatally shot Rodney Perry Turner outside of The Dollhouse strip club on January 15, 1983 - where Hall was a bartender. Turner accused Hall of sleeping with his wife and a struggle over Turner's gun led to his death. Hall was charged with second-degree murder but the charges were later dropped. 

Scott Hall tragically passed away last year. Hall was taken to hospital in March 2022 after falling and breaking his hip and he underwent hip replacement surgery. Following the surgery, a blood clot dislodged which led to three heart attacks. He was taken off life support on March 14. 

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