Report: Bray Wyatt's Status For WWE WrestleMania 39 Still Unclear

It's still unclear if Bray Wyatt will perform at WrestleMania 39

Another episode of Monday Night Raw came and went without Bray Wyatt and Bobby Lashley on March 20, with their WrestleMania 39 match still officially up in the air ahead of the Showcase of the Immortals. 

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio about the situation, Dave Meltzer noted Wyatt's status for the event remains unclear. 

"Man, nobody knows what's going on there. Not a mention of Bray Wyatt all night. Not a mention of Bobby Lashley all night. Yeah, I mean, it looks to me like he's, I mean I don't wanna say it looks like he's off the show, but it looks like he's off the show, because they are not mentioning his name at all. They did a little flash with that Bray Wyatt stuff on Friday's show, so he's with the company obviously. 

"There was another video where they showed him briefly, so it's not like he's been scrubbed from anything. He was supposed to be at the show Friday night. Whatever it is, it's a health issue, and the health issue hasn't cleared up yet. If they were confident that it was, they would at least have Bobby Lashley out there doing promos and stuff."

Wyatt hasn't been on WWE TV in recent weeks and reports first noted the two-time Universal Champion was dealing with a "physical issue" before Meltzer stated that Wyatt was suffering from an illness

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