Scott Steiner Details Creating Big Poppa Pump

Big Poppa Pump is your hook-up, and Scott Steiner has revealed why

With his peroxide hair, muscles on top of muscles, and occasionally a tiger by his side, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner was certainly one of WCW’s biggest and most unpredictable stars.

What people sometimes forget is how drastic of a change it was from collegiate Steiner Brothers Scott into ‘Big Poppa Pump’, with Steiner telling The Detroit News how he transformed in the late 90s:

"I knew I had to go in a totally different direction, so I just totally flipped the switch,” Steiner said. "In amateur wrestling, you really didn't talk too much trash. Wrestling is a humbling experience: if you get too big, you'll get beat. So I had always had that mindset, but after a while, once I saw everything in the [pro wrestling] business, the politics, I had a totally different mindset than when I broke in. I had a whole different attitude, it was more of a rage. And that's what came out.”

Indeed, the transformation was night and day, with the previously mulleted mild-mannered Scott replaced by the ‘Genetic Freak’, as Steiner joined nWo Hollywood, and began his ascent up the card.

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