Scotty Riggs Claims Buff Bagwell Was Added To The NWO As A Favour

‘The Stuff’ was friends with Kevin Nash

When the nWo exploded into life in WCW, it quickly became the coolest thing in wrestling, and anyone who was anyone wanted a slice of the action.

One of the most prominent members of the original black and white was Buff Bagwell, with the former American Male turning on his tag partner Scotty Riggs to join Nash, Hall and co. Now, according to Riggs himself on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Bagwell was put in the group ‘as a favour’:

“We were in Tampa for a Nitro and me and Marcus had been doing the fumbling, bumbling, stumbling stuff, causing each other to lose, win, or whatever. Marcus was supposed to work with [Steven] Regal that night and put Regal over for me doing the stumbling, fumbling with him. That’s when they were doing the nWo 30-days or whatever, for anybody who wants to join us. Nash and Bagwell had been friends for a long time,” Riggs revealed. “When Nash was, I think he was either doing the Vinnie Vegas thing or the Oz thing, Marcus and him were traveling. Marcus was making more money than he was. Again, the same thing with me, Marcus was helping foot the bill on the road.

“So now Nash was going to help pay him back. Nash pulled us aside and said, ‘Scotty, just be a team member here.’ I’m like, ‘dude, whatever you need.’ He said, ‘we are going to turn Marcus tonight and have him join the nWo, so we’re not doing that match.’ Nash came in, pulled a favour, and got Marcus to join by the end of that night. He was the first guy.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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