Seth Rollins Finally Admits Becky Lynch Is 'The Man' In WWE

The Architect was also The Man until very recently...

Many moons ago when he was a very bad boy indeed holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Seth Rollins would refer to himself as 'The Man'. It's a moniker that hasn't really left Seth since, although recently Becky Lynch has tried her best - and succeeded in all fairness - to make it her own.

After what feels like an eternal battle over social media for the title of 'The Man', Seth has finally removed the white flag from his pocket and waved it above his head. He's admitted defeat.

Undeniably, Becky Lynch is 'The Man' in WWE, leaving Seth Rollins to be just an Architect... and more sickeningly for him, just 'a man' in WWE.

Here's the video evidence:


While the pair were feuding on Twitter, it all started off pretty lightheartedly before getting more and more nasty as the weeks went on. "You might be a man, but I am undeniably the man," Lynch said. Rollins would say that back in his day, you had to earn the right to call yourself 'The Man' by getting it done in the ring. Lynch then had a dig at Rollins' flaming tights - it was all pretty riveting stuff.

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