Several Organisations Cut Ties With David Starr Following Abuse Allegations

Brave men and women have been sharing their stories through #SpeakingOut

Over the past 48 hours, numerous brave men and women have shared their stories of surviving abuse in the British professional wrestling scene and beyond through #SpeakingOut.

A Twitter user by the name of Tori shared her story involving independent wrestler David Starr earlier this week, in which she said Starr abused her during and after their relationship ended.

Starr denies the allegations and said he was "an awful partner." 

Since Tori shared her story, several wrestling promotions and organisations have severed ties with Starr. OTT Wrestling and TNT Extreme Wrestling vacated their world championships. RevPro also vacated the Southside Championship and Beyond Wrestling have issued a statement saying they will no longer be working with David Starr. 

We The Independent, the organisation co-founded by Starr, have parted ways with the independent wrestler and issued the following statement: "We the Independent's mission has always been to support and help Independent artists, particularly those who are victims of abuse & Discrimination. In light of recent activity on social media "We the Independent" and David Starr have come to the mutual agreement to relinquish his relationship with the company, effective immediately.

"It is our hope to move forward from this. We appreciate and value the fans and talents who have supported our aims to establish a safer, fairer environment for all, while we also understand and respect those who may now move on. "We The Independent" is larger than the sum of one person. With time, we hope to move forward, stronger and better."

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