Shawn Michaels Reveals Who He Wants To Win The WWE Royal Rumble

​Who has HBK's backing?

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels appeared on last night's Raw Talk, and gave his thoughts on who he'd like to see win the men's Royal Rumble match on Saturday. While admitting a pro-NXT bias, HBK mentioned two Superstars in particular:

"I’m kinda biased towards guys I’ve run into here in NXT. The likes of Damian Priest and Riddle, I’m definitely pulling for some of those guys."

However, Michaels didn't limit his preference to just Priest and Riddle, instead saying he'd like to see a newer talent shine on the big stage.

"I’d love to see a new breakout star, doesn’t matter who it is. The Royal Rumble match always presents an opportunity for someone to step out. Anything can happen and careers can be made."

Other former NXT names confirmed for the match include the Street Profits and Austin Theory. 22 of the 30 entrants have already been announced at the time of writing, leaving room for possible surprise returns. The only confirmed entrant not on WWE's main roster is Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, who is currently feuding with Sami Zayn. 

H/T to wrestlinginc.com.

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