Sheamus Frustrated By Brawling Brutes' WWE Booking

Brawling Brutes’ WWE booking has frustrated Sheamus

Sheamus has been left ‘frustrated’ by the Brawling Brutes’ booking in WWE.

The group have been featured across WWE TV since forming, but have never been allowed to show what they can do as a unit, according to Sheamus in conversation with Metro:

“I just don’t think they’ve really capitalised on the group, I don’t think they’ve really let us show what we can do,” said Sheamus. “This stop/start stuff is really hard when you’re trying to highlight young talent. It’s frustrating, you know? So I dunno, maybe we’ll get an opportunity to show what we can really do as a group because a lot of those other groups who are out there now have definitely got an opportunity that we haven’t had to do some storyline stuff, some character stuff. That’s kinda been a shame, mate, to be honest, considering the talent that’s in there.”

Despite not being unleashed as a combined unit, Sheamus has had critically acclaimed matches with GUNTHER, whilst ‘Butch’ Pete Dunne will compete in the 2023 men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match in London.

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