Sheamus Questions Drew McIntyre's WWE Media Appearances: He's Not That Interesting

McIntyre has been a media workhorse

Since winning the Royal Rumble in 2020, there has rarely been a week where Drew McIntyre hasn't done at least one interview for WWE. The two-time WWE Champion has been the company's workhorse when it comes to media appearances over the last year, whether it be promoting an upcoming pay-per-view or his new book.

McIntyre's real-life friend and storyline rival Sheamus has questioned how The Scottish Warrior can do so many media appearances, though, telling McIntyre, "you're not that interesting."

"Every time I talk to Drew McIntyre, he's like, 'I've got media, I've got media.' I'm like, 'How do you have so much media? You're not that interesting. How interesting are you? How many different stories do you have to tell? I hope they put subtitles in there because I guarantee you, no one knows what you're saying. I've known you 20 years and I don't know what you're saying,'" Sheamus told Ryan Satin on the Out Of Character Podcast

"Every time I talk to him, 'I did a five-hour interview.' Five hours of what? You've got two cats, a wife, you had the dream thing where you got released but came back and proved everyone wrong and you became champ and we all respect you for that. What else are you talking about?"

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