Sheamus: The Undertaker Told Me I'm Part Of WWE's Old Crew Now

Sheamus joined the WWE main roster in 2009

Sheamus has revealed The Undertaker recently told him that he is part of WWE's 'old crew' now. 

The Irishman has been with WWE on the main roster since 2009, but has remained a consistent figure on the WWE main roster, most recently reigning as the United States Champion after feuding with former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre at the start of the year. 

With so many new talent coming through in WWE, Sheamus has enjoyed the opportunity to work with younger guys from NXT, but was told by the iconic Undertaker that he is now an oldie.

Speaking with Comicbook, Sheamus said: "Listen, the last year and a half I've got a chance to mix up with a lot of the new talent coming up from NXT. For me, it's been a fun experience. 

"[The Under]taker said to me on Monday... He's like, 'Oh, you're one of the old crew now. One of the older guys, senior guys now.' It took me a second to process that because the last 12 years feels kind of like a blur, you know what I mean? But yeah, you know I love it."

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