Shinjiro Otani Hospitalized Following Zero1 Card, Main Event Halted

Otani was injured during the World title bout

Shinjiro Otani was injured in the main event of a Pro Wrestling ZERO1 event at Tokyo's Sumo Hall on Sunday.

Otani was challenging World champion Takashi Sugiura for the ZERO1 World Heavyweight title. During the bout, Otani took a German suplex into the turnbuckle. The match was halted shortly thereafter, as Otani was unable to move.

Otani was then taken to a local hospital. Hochi News quotes ringside doctor Dr. Hayashi, who says there is concern that Otani may have suffered a cervical spinal injury.

Match referee Katsumi Sasazaki was quoted in Tokyo Sports as saying that Otani was conscious, but could not feel his hands.

"He was conscious. He could hear his voice and he could clearly see where he was. However, he complained that he couldn't move his hands and that he couldn't move, and he said, 'I can't feel my hands.'"

The 49-year-old Otani is also active President of ZERO1. Outside of ZERO1, Otani enjoyed a long stint with New Japan throughout the nineties, and is recognized as the first-ever WCW Cruiserweight champion.

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