Shinjiro Otani Undergoes Successful Surgery

Shinjiro Otani suffered a cervical cord injury several days ago

Shinjiro Otani has undergone successful surgery several days after suffering a cervical spinal cord injury mid-match on a ZERO1 card.

ZERO1 released a press statement updating fans on Otani’s condition, including comments from Otani’s wife Eriko:

“We would like to report on the recent situation of Shinjiro Otani, who was injured at the main event of Oshinobu PREMIUM Ryogoku Kokugikan ZERO1, 20th Anniversary & 21st Anniversary Tournament on April 10.

“After emergency transportation on the night of the 10th, I was transferred to "ICU (Intensive Care Unit)" for the purpose of securing the airway, and as a result of an examination by a specialist, I was diagnosed with a cervical cord injury. And yesterday, on the 13th, we had surgery to prevent future deterioration.

The surgery said to the surgeon, "I was able to do the procedure as planned. It's going well," we received a report that it was successful.

“Today, on the 14th, I was transferred to a hospital for the next treatment. In order to prevent the new coronavirus infection, the hospital does not change the form of contacting us from your family and family, but the person's awareness is stable, and I heard that it is working on treatment while consulting with doctors and family members.

“In addition, we have received many requests for support for Shinjiro Otani from people inside and outside the industry all over the country. Currently, we are discussing with family relatives and related parties, and in the end, we believe that we will be able to announce the system next week after confirming Otani's intention. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your continued support.

“Finally, I have a message from Eriko Otani, Otani's wife, so I will announce it.

"We apologize for the inconvenience caused to everyone involved in the tournament, his opponent Sugiura, and professional wrestling officials in the injury in Shinjiro's accident during the game. Also, I would like to thank Shinjiro for giving me warm words from all over the country.

“I married professional wrestler Shinjiro Otani, so I thought I was prepared to accept a situation like this, but when I think about Shinjiro's regret, I cry. However, we will continue to support Shinjiro without going down, looking forward, with the help of professional wrestling. I will do my best with everyone's warm cheers.

I hope you will continue to watch over me warmly from now on.

“Finally, I would like to ask for your continued support of ZERO1 and the players that Shinjiro has continued to protect. Eriko Otani"

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