Update On Shinjiro Otani

Jr. Heavyweight legend Shinjiro Otani was paralysed in April 2022

In April, Japanese Jr. Heavyweight legend Shinjiro Otani suffered a cervical spinal injury at a ZERO1 event, leaving the NJPW icon paralysed from the neck down.

Otani later went successful surgery, but several months removed from the injury a report from Tokyo Sport states that Otani remains paralysed and was transferred to a rehabilitation centre in Tokyo in August.

Due to COVID measures in Japan Otani has not been able to meet with ZERO1 officials, but released the following statement via his nurse who helps Otani communicate with friends and family:

“To all the passionate wrestling fans and everyone in the wrestling industry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your warm words of encouragement and support. I am still living every day as hard as I can. I am living in an environment where I cannot hear what is going on in the world of wrestling, which I love, so that I can concentrate on my treatment and rehabilitation. I am working hard in my rehabilitation every day, wondering what the current wrestling scene is like.

“I believe that if I can overcome this, I will be able to return to the world of wrestling, which I love. Wrestling is something that gives me strength. Wrestling is the best!I have the utmost respect for all the pro-wrestlers who still wrestle every day. And to all the fans who come to the venue, I thank you so much for your support. Shinjiro Otani will definitely return before you all. Thank you for your continued support of professional wrestling.”

H/T: Eastern Lariat

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