Sonya Deville Claims To Have Creative Freedom In Her Current Role

A nice perk if you can get it...

Sonya Deville's promo work on WWE SmackDown has earned a good share of praise, and there may be a reason as to why: she apparently has input in the words she speaks.

Talking with Sportskeeda, Deville claims that she's won the trust of those in creative, and doing so has allowed her to have more say in what her character expresses.

"To be honest, I get a lot of freedom," Deville said. "I'm blessed that... you know, I think it's one of those things where once you prove yourself and they know that you can talk, uh, who knows your character and your thoughts better than yourself? 

"I've had really cool creative liberties to work with the writers and come up with some cool stuff and kind of say what I'm feeling the last few months.”

As many fans and critics have come to malign scripted promos, Deville sees how adding her own personal touch to her promos is something that viewers would pick up on.

“I feel like fans love it when they can feel the [genuineness] and the realness in someone's character or persona," she says. "That's everything that I say, everything that I do, it comes from a real part of me and it really is me. So I feel like fans are feeling that and they're finally seeing what I, I've always known I'm capable of.”

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