Stephanie McMahon Comments On Her WWE Dynamic With Vince McMahon

"It’s helpful because there is Vince, my boss, and there is my dad."

Stephanie McMahon has opened up on how her relationship with her father, Vince McMahon, differs in the WWE workplace to at home, while also revealing how he has changed in the last 20 years. 

Stephanie has been involved in her dad's promotion since she was a teenager and is currently WWE's Chief Brand Officer. 

The former 'Billion Dollar Princess' has now offered some insight into how her dad has changed since the Attitude Era, while revealing how she calls him 'Vince' in work situations. 

Speaking to The Bill Simmons Podcast, she said: "He’s grown a lot, I think, as a person. A lot of things are still the same, and he still trains at midnight after he’s finished working, if he’s done working at that time. 

"He still just drives forward no matter what. He is totally inappropriate most of the time. He’s the best, and he’s always been an amazing father.

"It’s funny because I call him ‘Vince’ in business but ‘dad’ at home, and when I’m doing interviews, it’s sometimes awkward to transition that way, but it’s helpful because there is Vince, my boss, and there is my dad. They are different, but I think he’s really himself just a little more seasoned, a little a little older.

"He would say he looks a little bit different, which of course he does, but he’s still the same Vince."

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