Stephanie McMahon Comments On WWE Owning Their Wrestler's Characters

"We own all the intellectual properties, because we create them."

Stephanie McMahon has commented on WWE's management of their talent and likenesses in the wake of recent third party controversies. 

WWE has banned its talent from using third party platforms, such as Twitch, claiming that superstars are making money off intellectual properties that WWE actually have ownership over. 

McMahon, WWE's Chief Brand Officer, was asked about the company's policy for talent management during a interview with Bloomberg Business Of Sport

She said: "WWE is a bit different than other leagues and properties. We own all the intellectual properties, because we create them. So it’s very different from how the leagues operate. 

"We have a whole pop culture strategy outside of our business. We cast our superstars outside of WWE programming; whether that’s partnership endorsements, cameos, roles in Hollywood films, red carpets, you name it.  The goal is to get our stars out there as much as possible.

“We recognize there’s a huge percentage of the population that isn’t WWE fans that we want to attract. At the same time we also want to get athletes, pop culture influencers and celebrities into our programming for the same reason. The rising tide really raises all boats in terms of audience and growth.

“So we’re really excited; we have a few tricks up our sleeve for WrestleMania. Bad Bunny has certainly been a huge part of our programming since the Royal Rumble. It’s a wild ride."

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