Steve Austin Has No Plans To Bring Back His Podcast

The Steve Austin Show launched in 2013

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin has revealed he decided to opt out of doing his podcast after being offered the chance to film Broken Skull Sessions. 

Austin started his own podcast, The Steve Austin Show, in 2013, but hasn't recorded a new episode since beginning to present a similar type of interview on the WWE Network. 

Broken Skull Sessions began in 2019 and has seen Austin interview legends such as The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Goldberg and Kurt Angle as well as current superstars like Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre and Sasha Banks. 

The Rattlesnake revealed how much he is enjoying the schedule of doing Broken Skull Sessions and says he's preferring hosting these specials over a weekly podcast. 

Speaking to Wrestle Inc, he said: "I’m really enjoying the Broken Skull Sessions, mainly because I’m doing maybe one a month. We tape them whenever; if a window of opportunity lands up, we get a guest that we’re looking for. The weekly podcast started getting a little bit in the way and became overbearing, so I just opted out.

"When WWE approached me for Broken Skull Sessions, I decided to trade in the microphone so I could be seen on their streaming service [the WWE Network]. It’s obviously a different platform, and felt like [I was] trading in jobs."

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