Details On Vince McMahon's Reaction To Riddle's WWE Raw Segment

Probably the best moment on this week's Raw

A interesting backstage segment on Monday Night Raw this past week seemed to suggest that Riddle had forgotten his scripted line. 

The United States Champion was chatting with Asuka about scooters, went to ask about scooters in her native Japan, before shaking his head and scooting away. 

The entertainment aspect of the 'botch' was undeniable but reports have now emerged that the use of Riddle's flippant utterance may not have been a mistake. 

Bryan Alvarez, of Wrestling Observer Radio, noted that Riddle made a genuine botch, which had Vince McMahon and Bruce Pritchard in fits of laughter. 

The duo then determined that they had to put that very moment on television. 

He said: "Remember on Monday when Riddle was doing that thing and he forgot his line? I was debating was this real or was this a work? I haven’t fully figured out the story yet because the story I was told actually doesn’t make a lot of sense.

"The story I was told was he wasn’t told it was live but [Bruce] Prichard and Vince [McMahon] saw it and they just laughed and laughed and laughed. So, if it was live you can’t redo it. So I’m wondering if what actually happened was a pretape that he screwed up but they loved the pretape so much — the point is what you saw on TV was not a plan. He was supposed to deliver his line. He had some line about the scooters in Japan. He screwed up, they howled and they thought we got to put this on TV.

"Never mind the fact that it makes your promotion look like World Championship Wrestling. It’s all about entertaining themselves. It entertained Bruce, it entertained Vince and so it went on television. That’s the story on Riddle and forgetting his line. He actually forgot his line and they thought it was funny."

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