Steve Austin Reveals The Dream Matches He Wanted In WWE

Would you have wanted to see these matches?

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin has named Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair in his prime as the two dream matches he wishes he could have had during his time in WWE.

Austin was originally planned to face Hogan at WrestleMania 18 but reported concerns on The Rattlesnake's side eventually led to The Rock squaring up to The Hulkster in Toronto in 2002 instead.

The WWE Hall Of Famer admits it would have been great to go on-one-on with Hogan while also naming an in-his-prime Flair as a dream opponent.

Austin and Flair locked up a couple of times in 2002, prior to Austin walking out of WWE.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Austin said: "It would have been great to go against (Hulk) Hogan. He was still pretty primed up, he was on the backside but could still do it. My headspace wasn't in the right place, but certainly I could have done it. It would've been a different match to what he had ever had.

"Flair - I wish I could have worked with Flair in his prime. I worked with him the night before I walked out in Atalanta, over doing the favours for Brock Lesnar. We worked in a cage that night and I was happy as a kid in a candy store."

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