Stevie Richards 'Out Of The Woods' Following Recent Health Scare

Stevie Richards over the worst after recent health scare

ECW original Stevie Richards is said to be ‘out of the woods’ after a recent health scare.

The BWO leader posted images in February showing himself with walking aids amidst reports of serious health concerns, with reports stating the concerns were back/spinal related.

In an update, Richards told Wrestling Shoot Interviews how he is currently doing, and the details of his illness:

“I was completely stuck in my chair and it was just a mystery, like my back has locked out, but not to the point where my legs are almost useless. Not, paralysed, not numb. But it hurt so bad I couldn’t put pressure on my legs ‘cause it would shoot up into my back,” said Richards. “So my wife, literally from 9:00 AM when I got home and then at noon had me in a walker. I went right to a walker. I’m moving around and it’s just now fear. The early set of fears settling in like, well, I’ve never experienced pain like this.”

Richards continued, revealing that he had suffered a spinal infection, with the infection caused by a dog bite:

“I was over at my best friend’s house and his dogs got freaked out by something that happened. And I just happened to be petting one of the dogs. It bit me right in the face and like, right through the skin… The other [dog] got freaked out by the noise and then got freaked out ‘cause the dog got freaked out and bit me in the leg. It was a goofy thing, but the point of that was number one, I’m glad it didn’t bite my wife. I’m glad it didn’t bite the neighbourhood kids that were over in the house either, ‘cause it would’ve been a lot more traumatic to have that. I can at least grow the beard out and cover it somewhat,” continued Richards.

Despite being over the worst of the infection, Richards noted how he still needs to be careful, with his immunity affected by the illness:

“Besides the CT scan, I’m officially out of the woods, but I also have to be very careful because the effects, - so the effects from the spine infection have still lowered my immunity. I’m down about 35 pounds still, which I wanted to lean out, but I didn’t wanna do it that way, but I’m down from, I was down from 215lbs and I dropped to 180lbs. Now I’m around 180, 185. But my workouts, I have to say thank God, have been outside of hip hinging movements and putting any kind of pressure, axial pressure on my neck or my spine,” said Richards.

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