Sting: Darby Allin Is Probably The Most Creative Wrestler I've Met

The Icon teamed with the TNT Champion at AEW: Revolution

Sting has hailed Darby Allin as probably one of the most creative in-ring performers he has ever worked with.

Sting has been associated with TNT Champion Allin since joining All Elite Wrestling at the end of 2020. The two teamed up to take on Team Taz in a cinematic Street Fight at AEW: Revolution, after which it was revealed that Allin had taken the lead creatively on the shooting of the match. 

The Icon has spoken about that experience and expressed his delight at working with Allin.

Speaking to Bleacher Report, Sting said: "There were times I felt like I am along for the ride, but it's hard for me not to plug myself in creatively on certain aspects. I would speak up and have my own ideas, but I have to tell you: Darby is probably the most creative I have seen.

"He has a mind for the wrestling business and cinematography. I think he is going to be one of those guys that a lot of people are going to end up working for someday. He is multi-talented. It was really cool working with Darby."

The 62-year-old would also reveal details of the filming of the cinematic match, saying they recorded the showing over two nights, before admitting how much the production took out of him.

Sting added: "The cinematic was fun. I would like to do more of those for sure, but I came out of it in shambles. It took its toll on me. It was two nights of filming and that was pretty tough. It can be taxing on the body especially at my age.

"It was 12 hours instead of being in the ring for 30-40 minutes. I love filming. I have done movies and TV, and I always have fun with that stuff. The tough part was all of the hours and the recovery time."

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