Stokely Hathaway Reveals Why He Turned Down A New WWE Deal

Stokely Hathaway on turning down WWE

Prior to debuting in All Elite Wrestling at Double or Nothing 2022, Stokely Hathaway was under contract with WWE, appearing as the manager of Diamond Mine, Malcolm Bivens. 

Hathaway left WWE in late April after the company released him but he had the option to stay, having been offered a new deal. 

Appearing on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, the mastermind of The Firm revealed why he opted not to ink a new WWE contract. 

"It was really interesting because I think people kind of looked at me as the bad guy, and I do get it because I'm sure there's plenty of people that would kill to be in the position that I was in. And at the time, I just couldn't do it. I didn't really [ever explain why I turned it down]. I did a comedy show and I alluded to it, but the wrong message came across from that show. So, I mean, to be completely honest, February, I woke up one day and I just felt miserable. I just felt, I guess the right way would be crazy, right? I didn't know where I was, I didn't know what was going on. It kind of went away, and then it kept increasing to the point to where like, it was just debilitating. So, I voluntarily just committed myself [to a mental health facility]. This was on a Friday, and I think I got out on Sunday," Hathaway began.

"So when I went in, I had no idea what I was in for. I was in kind of like a cell, no real sheets. It was just like a metal-like frame that you laid on. Obviously, the sink was one of those sinks that was rigged to where it was like motion detected. It like gave you a little thing of soap, a thing of toothpaste. [You] couldn't go into your room until 8:00 or 9:00 PM and then you get to wake up at 6 AM. and then you just walk the floor. [You] just like walk back and forth to fill up the time.  So that was like three days of that. Then afterwards I was like, 'Maybe I'm not as crazy as I thought.'"

Hathaway explained why he decided to enter the facility, adding: 

"I think I was just trying to manage everything. I do regret leaning into the being funny thing because I think that - I think it's hard for people to take you seriously. I didn't think there was really anyone that could listen or I could vent to, talk to. Especially with social media nowadays, it's hard to take people seriously and two... I don't want to say it's a 'thing' to use mental health as a crutch, but I just felt like no one would believe me if I said, 'hey I feel this way.' I just felt like it was the right thing for me to do."

Hathaway initially debuted as the manager of The Baddies but he has since transitioned to forming The Firm, a faction comprised of the likes of W. Morrissey, Ethan Page, The Gunns, and Lee Moriarty. The stable were set to feud with CM Punk as part of their agreement with MJF but those plans were scrapped after CM Punk was suspended for his involvement in a backstage fight with Ace Steel and The Elite. 

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