Stu Bennett Reveals He Turned Down Nexus Reunion At WWE WrestleMania 36

He would have paid more attention if it was something more substantial...

In late May, former WWE Superstar Darren Young revealed the company was planning a Nexus reunion at WrestleMania 36, but it was ultimately cancelled because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Young did not say if the reunion was supposed to be a one-time event or as part of a new angle, however.

Former Nexus Leader Stu Bennett recently appeared on the WrestlingInc. Daily podcast and revealed WWE contacted him in early 2020 about appearing with his former stablemates at The Showcase Of The Immortals but he turned it down as the offer on the table didn't interest him. He admitted, however, that if WWE had pitched a long term storyline he would have been more interested.

"I was called I think in January or February before this whole pandemic broke out," Bennett said. "I was called by the talent relations team in WWE about something they wanted to do during WrestleMania to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Nexus. I actually turned it down. I didn’t like the offer or the plan so I turned it down. I saw Darren actually just after that and he told me he was going to do something with them but I wasn't going to be involved in whatever it was."  

The NWA commentator later added: "In all honesty, If it had of been something more significant, I would have paid it more attention but it was something that, to me, I just wasn't interested in doing. There was no benefit at all for me in any way of doing it and I wasn't excited by it."

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