Swerve Strickland: Keith Lee Was Promised The World

Swerve Strickland says Keith Lee has a point to prove

The future of several AEW talents has been the topic of much discussion as of late, with rumours of dissatisfaction amongst the locker room, as well as WWE allegedly contacting multiple talents to see if they’d jump back to the Fed.

One name that was the topic of much discussion was that of former NXT Champion Keith Lee, but if tag partner Swerve Strickland is to be believed, the ‘Limitless One’ has a hell of a chip on his shoulder, telling The Sessions’ Renee Paquette:

"Me and Keith, we literally tagged on the indies before he got signed to WWE, and that was like 2017. He is someone who also has just as big of a chip on his shoulder as me because he was promised the world, and unfortunately for him, he got sick too, and it wasn't easy just have some Robitussin and get up and go, no, he was like facing death. He was out of commission for a while, you know? So, I feel like he has a chip on his shoulder for his career and for personal reasons with his life, as well,” said Strickland.

Lee signed with AEW in February 2022, after being released by WWE in November 2021.

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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