T-BAR Accuses Sammy Guevara Of Stealing His Finisher, Guevara Responds

Feast Your Eyes or GTH?

WWE Superstar T-BAR and AEW wrestler Sammy Guevara got into a Twitter spat last night after the former Dominik Dijakovic accused a "little teenage virgin on AEW" of stealing his finisher, Feast Your Eyes.  

T-BAR wrote: "Some little teenage virgin on AEW stole my finisher like four years ago after we did a show together. I'd steal something from his move set but it's all just @KingRicochet moves."

While the RETRIBUTION member did not mention Guevara by name, The Spanish God replied: "Someone tell T-Bag the move actually belongs to Matt Demorest (the guy he stole it from) & I'm just trying to get the move to be seen since you know he's never on TV. Also while you are sitting doing nothing in catering on Monday check out the newest vlog."

T-BAR then brought up Guevara's past comments about Sasha Banks before deciding to delete his tweets.

He tweeted: "Someone tell panda kid I had a singles match on TV last night, and I didn't steal the move from some backyarder, I thought of it in a professional wrestling ring with @Kill4nova. Try being creative sometime, instead of, oh I don't know, making jokes about r**e."

He then wrote: "You know what, everyone is right. This is a dumb argument and I'm deleting my contributions to it."

The move they were arguing over is an Argentine Backbreaker into a Knee Lift, similar to KENTA's Go To Sleep. T-BAR's version of the move is named Feast Your Eyes, while Guevara's is the GTH. 

Former AEW World Tag Team Champion Dax Harwood also chimed in to defend Guevara, writing: "'Stole MY finisher' MY FINISHER?! [face with tears of joy emoji] The guy is an idiot. He's lucky to even be in the business."

T-BAR then wrote back: "I could never understand what your problem was with me. I was always polite to you. Complimented your matches. I think you hated my style? So weird. Hope all is well, you usually seem like a nice enough dude."

Face with tears of joy

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