Taya Valkyrie "Confused" By Brief WWE NXT Run

Taya Valkyrie only worked a handful of matches before being released

Taya Valkyrie has said that her brief run in WWE NXT left her 'confused'. 

Valkyrie signed with WWE in February of 2021. She was re-christened Franky Monet and worked a handful of matches on NXT, before being released in November of that year.

Reflecting on her NXT run in an interview with Wrestling Inc., Valkyrie said: 

"I'm just more confused than anything. So I moved my whole life across the country for 11 months. I had six matches total. I was there during COVID. So we didn't have house shows, we didn't do loops. They didn't get to see my connection with fans on a regular basis. It was just like Bizarro Land. So I don't know"

Asked about her long-term goal in the business, Taya didn't rule out a return to WWE, saying: 

"Obviously, I would like to find a permanent home for myself. May it be IMPACT? May it be MLW? Could it be AEW? Could it be going back to WWE? I don't know. And obviously things change so much every couple months, things change so quickly. If you had told me last year on this day that I would be where I am now, I probably would've laughed in your face, because I just didn't see that".

The 39-year-old is currently a free agent and has recently wrestled for IMPACT, AAA, MLW and NWA, as well as various independent promotions.

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