Taya Valkyrie Details Everyone Being Scared During Transition From WWE NXT To NXT 2.0

People at the Performance Centre were walking on eggshells

Taya Valkyrie, who wrestled for WWE NXT as Franky Monet, recently detailed the confusion she experienced as NXT transitioned to NXT 2.0 last year.

Appearing on Insight with Chris Van Vilet, Valkyrie had this to say about the change: 

"It was just like the most confusing experience of like, my entire life. And having worked, like I said, everywhere, I just left like 'what is going on?'"

She was asked if this created an atmosphere where people were walking on eggshells (especially when releases began happening in August), saying:

"Everybody was. I mean, I can only speak for myself, but I can also say that the energy definitely shifted. You know, we were hearing rumors all the time about 'they're going to be firing people this week'. And then the whole week everyone's like, you know, scared basically. I don't know how else to say it. But we're all busting our asses, you know what I mean? Like, everybody is there.

"I ended up training with Corino and the boys in the tag class and I love training with MSK and training with Imperium and all those guys, because they're pushing me and making me do different stuff. Like, just learning from different people in different walks of life and different paths and everything was like, good. Everyone was working really, really hard, but it's just, the shift of how they wanted 2.0 literally changed from like, one day to the next. So I feel like it just made everybody be like 'oh my', like holding your breath almost".

Taya was released on November 4. Her husband, John Morrison, was released two weeks later on November 18. 

Both have since resurfaced in Mexico's AAA promotion.

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