Taynara Conti Talks About Her Frustrations While In WWE NXT

She doesn't feel like she had the chance to shine...

Back in January, Taynara Conti asked for her WWE release, which was denied, and the former judoka returned to NXT at a live event in mid-February. Conti explained everything with the company was normal after that, but she was released along with 35 other Superstars on April 15.

The former NXT Superstar talked about her frustrations on the black and gold brand during a recent interview with Ring The Belle. She said she didn't feel like she had the chance to shine in NXT and that she often felt overlooked by WWE for wrestlers with more experience. 

Conti said: "I need to feel that I'm useful. So, the last couple of months I was not feeling that any more. I was trying to have conversations asking for opportunities, and don't take me wrong, I never asked for something big. Like, I never asked for a TakeOver match. I never asked for a title shot. No, because I know everything is like step by step. But I was on the same step for a long time. I was doing like three-minute matches, four-minute matches to put someone else over and I was not able to show everyone what I was able to do."

She later added: "I would never do like a promo. I was never in a storyline and that was kind of frustrating for me. I was like, 'Wow, you guys keep saying that I'm good. That I'll be a star.' All the feedback was always amazing. I tried to change like a hundred times, believe me. I picked like a hundred different gimmicks and they're like, 'No, keep doing what you're doing.' I tried to change my hair, to change my gimmick, to change my gear and they're like, 'No Tay, no. Don't change. Just keep going. The opportunity is coming.' The opportunity never came.

"I asked them, 'What about me?' And they were like, 'Well, there's people coming with more experience.' Like they have a wrestling background for like 10 years. And in my mind, I was like, 'Well if you keep signing people who have like 10 years of experience or more experience and you don't use me, why are you signing people who don't come from pro wrestling? Am I wasting my time here?'"


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