Taz Unhappy With Corey Graves' Tweet Before WWE TLC

Graves finds himself at the centre of controversy yet again...

Before the TLC pay-per-view, Corey Graves tweeted an image of Raw announcers Vic Joseph and Samoa Joe with the caption, "NEW & IMPROVED Tazz & Cole."

Former SmackDown commentator Taz took exception to Graves' tweet however, replying: "Gee whiz, new & "IMPROVED"? I wish them the best but luck! But, if they are a duo after YEARS of shows than its a fair comparison. @MichaelCole & I BATTLED for every opportunity as a team. #DuesPaid."

A fan then tweeted Taz explaining that Graves' tweet was a funny joke. Taz explained that he was frustrated by Graves' comment because he is outside of WWE, and the joke is therefore about him, and not with him, making it unfunny and hurtful. He wrote: "Jokes aren't funny when pulled on someone who doesn't work there anymore...therefore if its joke than I'm NOT in on it. I don't appreciate being the brunt of a joke from a current announcer especially with the big social media following of @WWEGraves - I'm 'out here', he's not."

The Human Suplex Machine and the SmackDown commentator continued to throw insults at each other. Taz later tweeted: "Nah, he wants content for the podcast WWE handed him. Meanwhile, @WWEGraves has every resource possible from WWE to succeed with the pod but he has try to become a hot take controversial outspoken shock jock podcaster 'try hard'...brother please."

Graves then replied to Taz: "Nah. I won’t discuss your inability to take a completely innocuous joke. You should get a podcast! It’s fun!"

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