Tegan Nox Praises WWE Performance Center For 'Next Level' Mental Health Support

Nox is full of praise for the WWE PC

Tegan Nox has heaped praise on the WWE Performance Center for their work on ensuring each performer has good mental health.

Nox, who was a part of the most recent round of WWE releases, has revealed that she didn't feel in a good place following her second knee surgery in 2020, having undergone other surgeries two years prior. 

Upon telling one of the WWE coaches, Nox found herself in a therapy session later that day, with the company putting high importance on their employees' mental wellbeing.

Speaking on the Wilde On Podcast, Nox said: "What I've found that the Performance Center is really good for is, they are very into people's mental health.

"At one point, during the second knee surgery, I was in a really bad place and I told one of the coaches. Within hours, I was in a therapy session with one of their people. It was also so quick. They just want to help make your mind right. If your mind is not right, nothing else is going to be right.

"It's good to have a place where you can do that sort of stuff. 'Oh, I'm having a bad day.' They give me this therapy, so I'm going to take full advantage of it. It helped a lot. It helped so much. The medical facility is great, all my doctors are fantastic, but having that mental health is next level. You never experience that one the Indies or anywhere else. It was really cool to see how quickly they moved on it."

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