Teil Rhodes: Cody & Dustin Have Become Closer Since AEW

The Dust Brothers are closer than ever

Despite years tagging together in WWE, Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes weren’t particularly close until they started working together in AEW, but now enjoy a warmer relationship since becoming ‘All Elite’.

The claims come from the Rhodes’ sister Teil, who spoke about her brothers’ relationship on Busted Open Radio, saying:

“When Cody and Dustin were tagging together as Stardust and Goldust there at the end, it’s not a trade secret that they were not getting along. My dad did not want them tagging together anymore. Dustin moved in with us when we were so little, and Dustin, I think was sixteen when Cody was born. And while he did live with us, they weren’t really close until they were forced to work together. And there was a lot of tension at that time.

“But since All In and Dustin really being behind the scenes in the women’s division and coaching in that, they have gotten really close. There’s more of a tenderness there that I think, and I think it was always there because everybody loves Dustin. He’s so kindhearted. But I think that’s been one of the great things about AEW and where they’re at now.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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