'That Would Have Been Cool' - Riddle Comments on Kurt Angle Almost Becoming His Manager In WWE

Riddle's move to the main roster was announced by Angle

Riddle is full of praise and respect for WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle, and thinks it 'would have been cool' if the Olympic Gold Medallist had been his manager on the main roster.

Angle was an integral part of Riddle's final run in NXT and his move to WWE SmackDown last year. The 52-year-old refereed Riddle's last match in NXT, in the Fight Pit against Timothy Thatcher, and introduced him to the SmackDown brand a week later in a promo.

There had also been speculation that Angle would join Riddle on SmackDown, serving as his manager, something Angle himself confirmed was pitched.

Riddle, for his part, can't thank Angle enough for everything he did for him.

Speaking with Sony Sports India, Riddle said: "For him to go out of his way and make that announcement, referee that match, and trust me, there's no way [to get] in the Fight Pit match other than climbing over the cage and everything else. Kurt climbed in that cage for me to do the match. I appreciate everything Kurt's done.

"There was a rumour that he was gonna be my manager and I was like 'that would have been cool [to have] Kurt as my manager'. Maybe we could have wrestled at some point. But, at the same time, you can't ask for much more.

"The guy gave me my main roster introduction and he was part of my last match in NXT. So hats off to Kurt. He's a good guy."

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