The Bollywood Boyz: "I Think We're On The Cusp Of Becoming Major Stars"

The Bollywood Boyz see big things in their future

The Bollywood Boyz were released by WWE on June 25 and now they are looking forward to the future. 

Samir and Sunil Singh sat down with Sean Waltman on Pro Wrestling 4 Life following their releases and Samir admitted he thinks the tag team are on the "cusp of becoming major stars."

"When the news came, we were ready for that break now. Our first five years in WWE, we played different parts but now is our time to shine and we're ready. The characters and gimmicks are there. There's a huge market waiting. We're ready for a run. We're ready to become major stars. I think we're on the cusp of becoming major stars," Samir said.

Sunil then added: "We have some ideas that we're going to fine-tune. It's all about reinventing yourself, but we're not going to steer away too much from what we're doing. It's what brought us to the dance."

The former Singh Brothers also revealed how they found out about their WWE releases.

"When we both got the call, we went to train at the local gym on our days off and literally, we both got the call that we were fired as we were pulling up for training. We looked at each other like 'what a way to go.' Here we are on our day off to go train and we lost our jobs. At first we were like, 'Are we going to practice and train?' F*ck it, let's keep going," Sunil stated.

Samir continued: "Losing your job sucks. It sucks the wind out of you, but there was a sense of relief. I don't think we fully realised our potential. It's one thing if we had a run or went after the tag titles, but I feel like we were on the cusp of it down in 205 [Live] and we were staying ready. We worked like every week, minus a few weeks, over the last year and we were ready. There was our relief that we haven't fully realised our potential."

The Bollywood Boyz signed with WWE back in 2016 and they spent their early years in the company as Jinder Mahal's lackeys. They would then become a tag team on 205 Live, while also making sporadic appearances in the 24/7 Title scene on Raw.

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