The Godfather: Making WWE WrestleMania Weekend Appearances Is No Longer Fun

Charles Wright says his Legends contract now just feels like a job

Charles 'The Godfather' Wright has revealed he no longer find going to WWE WrestleMania weekends any fun because it is not the same opportunity to hang out with his friends that it used to be.

The Godfather says he has been in attendance for 10 of the last 12 WrestleManias because of his Legends contract, meaning WWE bring him to the WrestleMania weekends to do signing sessions and meet & greets. 

However, while the WWE Hall of Famer used to find these weekends a lot of fun because of the chance to catch up with the boys, The Godfather says it now just feels like a job as everyone is 'too afraid' to go out drinking.

Appearing on the Midnight Hustle podcast, he said: "In the last 12 years, I've been to WrestleMania 10 times because I'm still under contract with Vince, called a legends contract. They still keep you relevant, but they bring you to WrestleMania every year, and you're just doing signings and stuff.

"But I told my wife, I'm like, I don't even want to go anymore. It's not fun. It's a job. It used to be a chance to hang out with the boys. We had something called the witching hour at 12 o'clock, everybody would meet at the bar. Everybody get drunk and have fun.

"Nobody does that anymore because they're too afraid. Somebody's going to take a picture of them. Take a picture of them in a conversation, show them taking shots, showing them on some girl they ain't supposed to be, right? Nobody does that anymore. 

"When I was in wrestling, not everybody was friends, but you're family and you know, if something was -- I'm just gonna say just say Dustin Rhodes, and he is a friend of mine, let's say Dustin Rhodes is getting into a fight, even though I might not like Dustin Rhodes, I'd be over there helping him in that fight. It's not like that anymore. It's more of a business now and it's more about how many followers you have and how many likes you get, and it's just a different business now.

"You know, I'm not hating on nobody. Wrestling has changed. The wrestling business has changed just because people wanted to change and the promoters are just keeping up with the times. I just say, 'I'm very proud and lucky to have been part of The Attitude Era."

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